Approximately 543,000 new businesses are launched every month in America, but only 1 in 10 succeeds. When a new venture succeeds, it plays a tremendous role in job creation and community revitalization. At CALSO, we know that every community abounds with untapped talents, and that every business endeavor can thrive with the right guidance. We provide a full range of services to assist budding entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey that benefits both individuals and their community. 


We launched Tarmac SF in partnership with PARISOMA. Tarmac SF provides foreign startups willing to expand their business with the opportunity to be a part of the San Francisco Bay Area ecosystem and of our network of more than 500 entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. We provide startups with immigration and housing assistance, a co-working space, as well as classes, events, and networking opportunities. With these services, the startups can put the pedal on the metal.

Quentin is the founder of Teneo, an online market place that provide a non-medical assistance solution thanks to a platform that connect students in health studies and families. Students are selected and trained by Teneo to help elderly people doing their daily tasks.


Tarmac SF team was here to help us understanding our issues and challenges to find the best way to overcome our challenges. We also meet a great number of inspiring entrepreneurs who succeeded in the Silicon Valley. I'm thrilled to have been part of this exceptional ecosystem.


“Thanks to Tarmac SF, we gained a clear vision of where we need to go and how we should position our start-up.”


There, we witnessed the fact that the American market of homecare services, our market, was several years more mature than the French market, and that incredible start-ups were funded and became successful - while other failed or pivoted. We were also able to meet smart and friendly people who told us about their impossible yet true story.

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Deidre is the founder of MzansiStore.com, an online marketplace that helps South African designers and handcrafters move their products beyond their workshops and into the world. Deidre and her team provide designers and handcrafters with the digital platform and e-commerce training they  need to make their business a success.


“Once in SF, I want to give South African handcraft designers access to a larger market”


Through the Tarmac SF program, I wish to make the San Francisco community aware of the challenges of building a B2C tech business in South Africa. Also to highlight the incredible potential e-commerce has to change many lives in my home country. Leveraging innovative digital tools that disrupt existing retail models has the potential for positive social impact for small and micro business in South Africa and eventually Africa.


“I know its cliché but thanks to Tarmac SF, a dream has come true”


Every tech entrepreneur starting a business anywhere in the world dreams of going to Silicon Valley. As an African, it seemed from the very beginning to be an unreachable one for me. MzansiStore has changed lives but it can transform so many more. MzansiStore offers something fresh and exciting for South Africans and offers a phenomenal locally made quality product to international customers. With the help of the Tarmac SF program I hope to open up access to those international customers.