In 2015, CALSO and JobTrain launched Rendezvous, a social enterprise providing long-term unemployed and underemployed people with on-the-job training in the restaurant and catering industry. Beyond a paycheck, Rendezvous offers socio-professional support, such as assistance in job search and placement services, personal coaching, and career development. 85 people benefit annually from our yearlong program. We bring people back to the job market with a job placement rate of 85%.





“I loved learning about being a chef in terms of safety and health and how to avoid cross-contamination. I had two job offers when graduating but chose to join the social enterprise because I appreciated being in a supportive environment while I continue to learn.”



Rendezvous, they really opened a whole other career path for me. I learned, I learned so much with Rendezvous. It gave me the experience I needed to be where I am now. Now I’m good, now I’m where I want to be.





“Rendezvous definitely impacted my life in a positive way. It gave me the skills I needed to find a job in the office field. Now I have my foot in the door in regards to accounting. I’d like to try that out, and if the time comes I’ll take classes to move up more. The experience opened up career opportunities for me.”