Today, there are about 22 million men and women who served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces. Drones & Good recognizes the honorable sacrifices veterans and their families made for our nation. We also know service members face major barriers as they transition back to the civilian workforce: 53% of them face a period of unemployment within 15 months of separation, according to the US Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA). Drones & Good is committed to making former and transitioning service members valuable assets in the civilian economy.


Today, the commercial UAV – or drone – market is taking off and new UAV applications are being explored in variety of industries. By 2025, the total job creation in the commercial drone industry is estimated at 100,000+, according to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI). California is expected to be the most impacted state in terms of job creation with an estimated 18,000+ new jobs being created by 2025 due to a wide range of UAV uses. The drone industry offers a stable career path with highly-qualified jobs.


While drones have been used in the U.S. Armed Forces for decades, the commercial drone market is only now taking shape with applications in a variety of industries including agriculture, energy, utilities, mining, construction, real estate, news and media, and film production. 



Drones & Good Academy provides vocational training to veterans who are willing to transition to a civilian career in the drone industry. Trainees learn the fundamentals about UAVs (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle), their regulatory framework, the flight dynamics, the software and technical features, to name a few. They also follow a field-based training to understand safety and weather issues and experience different missions with companies rom various sectors. They eventually learn advanced techniques and maintenance as well as basics about post-flight data processing.


Following the training, Drones & Good Academy provides its trainees with hands-on opportunities in real commercial environment. We pair veterans with licensed drone pilots who can guide them in flying drones safely for commercial/civilian purposes. Veterans get hands-on training with an UAV expert so that they can in turn become drone pilots and transition smoothly into the civilian workforce.









Drones & Good helps veterans transition to the civilian workforce by providing them with training and employment opportunities in the commercial drone industry.